I Don’t Know What To Do

So I’ve narrowed my camera choices to either a D700 or a 5D Mark II.  However, my problem is that I’ve never used the new 5D Mark II before, and I can’t find anywhere that has one in stock so that I could at least play around with the controls or whatever.  However, I have used a 1D Mark III numerous times and a 5D Mark I once and I remember everything being somewhat similar, and as far as all of that is concerned I think I would rather go with the D700.  Also, I prefer the glass available for Nikon, and their autofocus seems to work better as well.  However, I’ve read that Canon really stepped up the AF on the 5D Mark II, of course I wouldn’t know this for sure though because I haven’t been able to mess around with one yet.  And then of course there is the fact that the 5DMII has almost double the megapixels and HD Video.  

So, this is basically what it boils down to… I have to choose between two similarly priced full frame camera bodies; in Nikon’s favor I prefer their on camera controls, their lenses, and their AF, but then again Canon has 21 megapixels, HD video, and a supposedly improved AF working in it’s favor.  I’m fairly indecisive as it, so needless to say I’m thoroughly perplexed as to what to do.  But if anyone is still reading this and knows of some manner in which I could maybe test out a 5D Mark II for a bit that would help out a lot in clearing things up.

But fear not, I will not let this entry go photo less.  I used a 1D Mark III to shoot the Northview-Southview basketball game.  I had a bit of a tough time readjusting to the Mark III, and it kind of shows in my images, they’re not my best work by any means, but regardless, it was still good to get to shoot again.  



3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To Do

  1. I’d go with the d700, and I’m a Canon shooter. It has practically the same AF system as the D3, the camera the most of SI has switched to already. I’ve heard very few good things about the 5DII’s AF speed.

  2. Why dont you ask ashton kutcher? he seems to really be into photography and know a lot……… get the hd one so you can hd pictures of me

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