Merry Chrismakkuh

So, this is like Chrismakkuh plus my birthday plus the 4th of July (my personal favorite holiday) plus the day the Dark Knight came out all combined in one.  I went into college thinking that I would be a Canon shooter forever.  But now I must very humbly admit that I am a Nikon fan.  They make quality products.  

Needless to say that I’ve been trying to shoot a lot lately.  I’ve gotten two pretty good chances to try out my new gear so far.  Monday we all went to the Lights at the Zoo, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to really test out the camera under low light conditions, and also to get some portraits with that really great bokeh made by Christmas lights that just makes you think of the holidays (i.e. Crash or the O.C.).  And it was, it was just also negative 10 degrees windchill, and there became a point where I couldn’t move/feel my hands, which isn’t the best when trying to take pictures.  But regardless, I was still very happy with the way it performed at night, and I didn’t even really push the iso that much.  

Yesterday I was able to go the UT vs. Illinois-Chicago basketball game and shoot that.  I shot this with a 50mm because that’s all I really have to work with right now.  But I cannot wait to get back down to Athens, throw a 70-200 on there, and shoot some games at the Convo.  I am expecting great things.  However, I am rambling, so here are some shots from the last few days, enjoy.




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