I’m Behind…

So, ever since getting back down to Athens I’ve been pretty busy.  Busy in a good way though.  On top of my typical collegiate activities I have recently been getting more involved in another one of my passions, music.  A few of my friends and I started a little band born from dorm room jam sessions.  We played our first “show” at the Donkey last Thursday and considering that it was about -5 degrees outside we had a pretty decent turnout, so thank you to everyone who showed up to that.  I’ll throw a link to us on YouTube in case your curious (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA72Ip-GHi0&feature=related) or you can just search Three Fountain Green on YouTube.  

But that’s a bit off base, so, getting back to photography… I haven’t put much up on here lately but that does not mean I haven’t been shooting.  I’ve shot a lot of sports (as usual) but, I had to shoot a bunch of it with just a 50 1.4 as OU’s checkout room wasn’t open yet.  So it wasn’t the best shooting I’ve ever done, but, I was able to bum a lens or two off of some other photographers and get some pretty decent shots.  I’ve also tried putting a few of these sports shots in black and white.  I’ve never really messed around with putting sports in black and white, but I kinda like it, it has a nice feel to it.  But in general I feel like my sports shots have been lacking something as of late, so I’m going to make a real effort to take things to the next level and make some real unique frames, along with working on my general shooting as well.

I need to find an idea for a long term photo assignment and frankly right now I’m drawing a bit of a blank.  So I need to work on that.  I gave my site a new name.  And yes it is another Death Cab reference, I’ve been in a very Death Cabby type of mood as of late.  And I’ve added a new “inspirations” section to my links, along with some new friends, so be sure to check that stuff out too.  Oh and I have pictures too…




3 thoughts on “I’m Behind…

  1. Ryan, I love these photos.

    When I read black and white I was like NOOOOOOOO.

    But then I saw it and I loved it. When did you become such a pro?

    Oh, and I used your photos as an example to some little twat who was talking about how great his photography was and how we should use his blurry, crappy photo in the newspaper. I dominated him because of your photos, hahaha.

    Hope OU is good.

  2. Those are great pics…. I like the clarity and sharpness of the photos… The B&W was very interesting….

    PS – loved the videos on youtube!

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