Now that I’ve got you…

So, there hasn’t really been too much going on.  I’ve been shooting alot of basketball lately, trying to get different shots, I still need to step up my game.  I don’t know what it is that I’m trying to get exactly, but I’m just not quite satisfied with my takes lately.  I dunno, I’m sure it will come with time.  But, on a lighter note, the yearbook photo staff has the opportunity to go to D.C. for the White House News Photographers Association seminar.  I’m really looking forward to this and I think it should be a great experience all around.  And, I’m still trying to find an interesting subject that I can comprise an essay on.  Anybody out there got any ideas?




3 thoughts on “Now that I’ve got you…

  1. so i know you don’t know me but i saw your blog on Charles’s blog. anyways if you want to try something different for basketball shoot with a 300mm or even go up in the stands and shoot that way. I spent all of last winter quarter shooting basketball from different perspectives and with different lenses. But sometimes if you play with things, you’ll figure it out. thats kinda what happened for me. good luck 🙂

  2. Dana (Irmen) (Your Friend) (From Syl) (The greek one) (With the curly hair) ("Crazy Greek Lady"...ehem) on said:

    Ryan Young.. I was looking at these pictures and basically you’re a great photographer. I like all the basketball ones and all the anger/diving/cool people. Keep up the good work lover 🙂

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