Water Polo

So, this quarter is just about over, and for me it really flew by.  It was a pretty short winter, and I’m still overly anxious for the spring and warm weather to get here.  Consistent warm weather that is.  Well I’ll leave you guys with some shots from my first attempt at a cohesive story.  It was a bit rough for my first time, and I know there are a lot of things that I’m going to need to improve upon, but, I got some good shots from it so I won’t complain.  

Also, if anyone is searching for some new music to study to as finals are upon us I highly recommend Pandoraing (yes I just made that up) Ray LaMontagne.  I’ve listened to Jolene about 13 times in a row while making this post and have concluded that it might be the best song ever written.  But ya about those pictures…




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