Runnin’ on Empty

So, I am about one hour away from pulling the first true all nighter of my college career, and I feel that a celebratory blog post is in order.  This is a photo I’ve been meaning to put up for awhile.  Don’t really know how I feel about it yet, so any feedback would be great.




2 thoughts on “Runnin’ on Empty

  1. I really like it Ryan! You are a great photographer! You capture the football player’s desire and attempt to catch the ball, as the crowd and coaches anxiously await the outcome. It really keeps you guessing, wondering what the outcome is, which really draws in attention. I like how the crowd is not in focus, yet you can still see some expression of anticipation. The focus on the player and the ball give the illusion of the main character of the story, just about at the climax. It is completely in the moment, its the only action important in that moment. This photo tells a story, yet leaves the ending to interpretation.

    As always, you are taking spectacular photos!

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