Tilt It Like It’s Hot…?

So, I wasn’t exactly planning on shooting anything this weekend, but somethings changed and I ended up shooting two assignments for the Messenger.  I enjoy shooting for the Mess because it gives me plenty of room and time to play and try new things.  I usually will spend the first half or quarter or period or what have you shooting straight forward stuff and get a handful of good peak action shots that would be good to run for the paper.  After that I pretty much have free range to shoot however I feel like.  Well this weekend I decided to get a 85mm tilt shift and play with that.  I’ve always been drawn to work with tilts whether it be Laforet or Burnett or anyone really.  So, one thing I’ve been wanting to do is collect a series of sports action shots with tilt shifts, and I finally got around to taking a step towards that this weekend.  So here’s one tilted volleyball and one tilted basketball for your viewing pleasure.


2009-11-06-2935_RMLYa2009-11-07-3293_RMLY copy


One thought on “Tilt It Like It’s Hot…?

  1. keep working on the tilt shift images. i love playing with that lens and i wish i could own it. but take full advantage of it. i like the sports idea, hence i did it on baseball. i say, find one sport and work with the tilt this winter. and try and go ask drastic as possible. i wish i went more drastic. see if you can go on the cat walk and get some tilt shifts…might be interesting.

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