Your Everlasting Light

So, tomorrow I start the first day of my first internship at The Truth in Elkhart, Indiana.  Exciting stuff I know.  I am very fortunate to find a paper that is offering an internship (nevertheless a paid one) in the current state of the industry and the economy, opportunities like this are far too hard to come across for us students, especially undergrads.  Anyways, I’m also staying with some pretty cool people for the summer which is going to make the experience all the better.  So, chalk me up as one of the lucky ones.

However, I really consider myself luckiest in regards to the amazing friends and family that I have.  And while I may not get to spend nearly as much time with them this summer they’ll still always be my biggest source of inspiration and motivation.  Here’s a few from the last weeks of school and the short time I spent at home before departing for Indiana.


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