How Allison and Jay Saved My Day

Yesterday I was sent to cover the Amish Acres Crafts and Heritage Festival in Nappanee.  Now I know what you’re thinking “Crafts and heritage all in one festival, your photographic cup must have been runith over with interesting and engaging pictures just waiting to be taken.”  Well as shocking as it may be, the festival was actually pretty dull and I was having a real struggle to find any interesting images to make.  I made sure to get an overall shot so I would at least have something for the paper to run, basically a glorified landscape shot, and then I retired to a bail of hay to listen to a bluegrass band perform for about 5-10 people.  I was just about to call it a day and head back to the office when Allison and Jay got up and started dancing and goofing off to the music.  After making a few frames and talking to them for a while I left in a much better mood than if I would have called it quits 5 minutes earlier.  Even if the photos might not be anything to write home about, just watching them made me chuckle.  So thank you for spontaneity Allison and Jay, it made my day.


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