World Pulse Festival

I’ve been to a lot of concerts this summer, unfortunately for me most of them have not been artists that I would normally go out of my way to see on my own free time.  However, they’ve all been free and I’ve generally had a good time at them despite what I think of the actual music.  Add the World Pulse Festival to that list.  For those of you not on the cutting edge of the Christian music scene let me fill you in.  The World Pulse Festival is apparently one of the largest christian rock festivals in the nation, draws tens of thousands of people every year, and for some reason is held in South Bend, Indiana.  I was asked to shoot the two main headliners Amy Grant, and Toby Mac.  Never really heard of either of them besides for my mom occasionally listening to Amy Grant.  But let me tell ya, the kids, they love them some Toby Mac.  I would equate him to the Christian rock equivalent of Mike Posner I suppose.  So once again, while I may not have enjoyed the music too much, it was still a decent time and I do have to respect to Toby Mac’s band for being very well dressed (see last frame), even in the 90 plus degree temperatures.


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