Them Indiana Boys On Those Indiana Nights

Who doesn’t love Friday night high school football?

Indiana’s regular season got kicked off the other night and it felt good to be back shooting football again.  Ask me how I feel about shooting football at the end of November and I may have a different answer, but that’s neither here nor there.  The beginning of the high school football season is great for one reason, the light.  Most of the time the games are played under the worst of worst lighting scenarios from start to finish.  However, for a few games at the beginning of each year its actually the opposite, we get golden light for about a solid half if you’re lucky.  Except for me this weekend, when it was so cloudy that it might as well have been night as the stadium lights overpowered the ambient about 5 minutes into the first quarter.  But I digress, it’s good to be back shooting football again, and hopefully this upcoming Friday the photographic gods will be kinder to me.  *knock on field turf*


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