Project C – Clicking Creates Change

Hey all, I’m gonna deviate a little from my normal postings and give a shout out to a project I’ve been working on this quarter that’s getting really close to launching.

Alot of the time as journalists/storytellers it may seem that we’re working on a one way street. We interact with our subjects, take their pictures, interview them, get our pull quotes, tell their stories to the world and that’s where that story ends. Well the idea behind Project C is to go a step beyond raising awareness about organizations who are helping the community and actually help the community to give back to those organizations. Think Pepsi Refresh Project meets Soul of Athens.

We’ve been working to create short documentaries on 4 non-profit organizations in the Athens area and also collecting donations that will be given to the non-profits.  Once the site launches on May 31 viewers will have 7 days to vote on which project they want money to be donated to (every non-profit will get some money though).

Aside from breaking away from traditional journalism Project-C has also given me a chance to break away from shooting strictly stills for the first time.  Yup, that’s right, this guy shoots video too.

I had always been a little hesitant about trying out video, but I’ve got to say that I had an amazing time shooting moving images and working in groups as you so often have to do while shooting video. I just might be hooked.

So, if you have the time you should really check out the Project-C blog, learn a bit about it, and if you’re feeling generous maybe even donate!


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