Getting to Know Grand Rapids – #Hipster

Get ready for it.  Please don’t hate me.  Another photographer giving in to the “completely worthless and self-absorbed” world of vintage cell phone photo apps.  The Press hooks us up with Droids to use as work phones.  After work yesterday I went for a walk around town to get to know the city.  I didn’t bring my camera in hopes that I could just walk around and get to know the city, but I’m sure like many other photogs out there, I can’t turn off that part of my brain that sees pictures everywhere I go, no matter what.  So therefore, I resorted to the droids “Retro Camera” app (basically a Hipstamatic knock off).  And you know what I had fun damnit, and chances are I’ll probably be taking more of these style photos throughout the summer, so look out for that.

Anyways, while I’m giving into all of this trendy new technology I figured might as well go all in, and I got myself a Twitter.  Feel free to follow me here (I think that’s the proper lingo?  #noob?).


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