Meijer State Games of Michigan: Cricket

I shot cricket for the first time the other day as part of the Meijer games. Not only was it the first time I shot the sport, but the first time I’d actually seen the sport played for any extended time. I didn’t have long enough glass to really get tight action, so these shots have a little more room to breath… yea let’s say that. But I think I’m adding a professional cricket match or even a test cricket match to my shooting bucket list. This first experience has sparked my interest.


One thought on “Meijer State Games of Michigan: Cricket

  1. I watched my first game at the US Corporate Cricket finals in Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI on July 24th. It was kind of cool and there were very few spectators. I want to go to a game in the future but will be a bit better prepared for the length of the game. (Cooler, food, lawn chairs, distractions for the kids, etc)

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