Yes, I’m Ready

I don’t know if anyone can really appreciate how excited I am to be able to make pictures like these again. It may seem absurd and forlorn to pine for autumnal afternoons when the heat index reached 100 today in West Michigan, but I promise, fall is not far. While it goes against my very nature to look forward to the end of summer, I’ve never anticipated the beginning of a school year as eagerly as I do this upcoming one. For a bevy of reasons autumn has replaced summer as my favorite season; reuniting with my second family at school, watching with disdained envy as freshmen adapt to college life, spending less money on gas and more money on beer, enjoying those first few crisp nights when you need to break out a sweatshirt (or a tie), and of course football. So while I know I still have at least another month of warm weather features, summer festivals, and baseball, just know that this is where my mind is, longing for Bagel Street and Ali Baba’s, pondering fantasy football strategies (Tavarias Jackson, value pick of the century), and anxiously awaiting a reunion with my hilly Appalachian home.


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