Josh Groban

So how do you follow up the most powerful man in the world? I like to do it with the most powerful voice in the world. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but that’s my way of saying I shot Josh Groban performing at Van Andel Arena the other day. For me the best part of this show (photo nerd alert) was not being able to shoot from the pit, having the paper’s 300mm out of commission and therefore being forced to shoot the concert with a 25 year old 400mm f/3.5.

Check out this beaut.

It ended up not being so horrible thanks to a pretty good lighting set up.

As for the actual concert, Josh Groban was pretty good, but he’s no Dexy’s Midnight Runner. Maybe a Deep Blue Something. Possibly an Eagle Eye Cherry. But, definitely not a Rusted Root.

But Josh seemed like a nice guy, even going into the crowd and talking with a young fan in the middle of his show.


One thought on “Josh Groban

  1. Fab shots! Josh does have a beautiful voice. What I found surprising about him is how funny he is. You don’t really see that side of him in concerts or videos, but I have seen him on a few chat shows and comedy quiz shows here in the UK, and he is so ready to make fun of himself…. seems like a very nice and grounded lad.

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