OU – Morehead State Women’s Soccer

I self assigned myself to shoot the OU soccer game the other day because I had some long glass and a D3s checked out from our schools gear checkout so I figured it would be a shame to not get the most use out of it.  Unofrtunately the girls lost to Morehead, but, I still had fun giving up a Friday afternoon to shoot just for the hell of it.


I couldn’t decide on the crop for the last one, but I’m thinking tight is right.


3 thoughts on “OU – Morehead State Women’s Soccer

  1. Nice stuff! You’re lucky that you have some kick ass gear to check out at your school. For the header shot I like the tighter crop, but there is still a lot of green on the right side. Id put one of the faces in a spot using the rule of thirds for that photo, just a thought.

    I like the first frame too, whats the frame after that like though? I think her flying through the air might be nice.

    Check out my blog, I’m a student photojournalist over at Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois.

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