Ohio University vs. Ball State – 10.16.11

A few weeks ago the season was looking so promising for our football team. 4-1 and heading into what should have been an easy stretch of MAC games that should have lead to a key match up at the beginning of November with a very good Temple team that will (hopefully still) be broadcast on ESPN. However, now we find ourselves just one game above .500 after two disappointing losses to Buffalo (an away game) and most recently Ball State. Not only was the game disappointing because of the outcome, but it also lacked any really great action for shooting. But that’s the way sports can be sometimes and the photo gods made up for it with some beautiful light during the second half. Because the action was pretty light and the light was getting super sexy I decided to go up to the roof to get a different perspective so that’s why there’s alot of shots from up top.


3 thoughts on “Ohio University vs. Ball State – 10.16.11

  1. Ryan you unfriended me today and this is a sad moment for you. I will never be your friend again and I will punch you everyday in the left eye so you have a 100% blackeye all the time. This is your punishment. I will also steal your camera everyday at 5PM so you cannot shoot any evening events. The camera will be put in a top secret location that me and only me will know. You try figure it out but I will kill you every time you ask.
    That is all for now.


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