4.20-21.12 – Little 500

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to check off a long standing item on my photo bucket list: Indiana University’s Little 500.  The race is definitely a difficult event to cover.  It’s the type of thing I wish I could shoot every year if for nothing else than to try out all the different angles and ideas you could come up with for covering the race.  But, I was just happy to be covering it at all, thanks largely to my best good friend Abby for putting up with me for the weekend.

The women’s race was held Friday night before the men’s race and proved to be quite the challenge to shoot due to pretty miserable weather and less than desirable lighting conditions, so I didn’t get much besides for reaction shots when DG (read deeeeg) won, but for me it was all about getting familiar with the event as a warm up for Saturday’s race.

Saturday’s main race is a pretty crazy time, and there’s plenty of festivities and pageantry that precede the the race.

Once the race starts it’s pretty straight forward; 200 laps of left turns. So while constantly being on the look out for a crash (I didn’t get any, which I suppose is karma for being a dick and hoping that people will crash so I can get a picture) you have to play around a bit, and look for the few moments (apologies in advance for the panning, I know it’s cliche, but come on, I gotta have at least one or two).

In the end the Delta Tau Delta fraternity ended up winning for the first time in the running of the Little 5, and thus celebrated accordingly.


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