4.15.12 – Ohio U vs. Ball State baseball – Old School

The past month or so of my life has been pretty crazy so blogging has taken a bit of a backseat, but I’m finally getting a chance to play a bit of catch up. I was reminded of these pictures that I took back in April by a recent SportsShooter article by Keith Birmingham about shooting an Angels game with  a 500mm mirror lens. Now, I don’t want to sound like a braggart, but I was seven days ahead of ya on that idea Keith. Back at the beginning of the quarter one of my professors challenged us to shoot a space in a unique way that would push our normal boundaries. So I used this as an opportunity to borrow some gear and do something that I had always wanted to do, shoot an entire baseball game using only a 500mm mirror lens (and then I also decided to throw a 24mm tilt shift just to get totally off the wall). For those reading this that are not photographers (read, my friends and mom) 500mm mirror lenses are what photographers used to use to shoot sports about 1,000 years ago and tilt shift lenses are actual lenses that give you the Instagram selective focus effect. They’re both completely manual focused.

So, I knew it would be a challenge to abandon my trusty AF-on back button and revert back to the dark ages of sports photography. I even still clicked the back button before just about every picture I made; force of habit. However, I really underestimated just how much more attention you had to pay to the game and how much more you had to be in tune with your gear. One slight twist the wrong way and a picture could go from award winner to deleted off the back of the screen in a fraction of a second. While I didn’t have any experiences quite that drastic it was a pretty fun experience, and a little reaffirming because I’d like to think I would have been okay back in the days of manual focus as well. Film on the other hand, that’s another story…

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