6.23.12 – Ms. Senior D.C. Pageant

Despite what my blog may have you believe I actually do shoot assignments that are not sports, and even more contrary to belief I actually enjoy some of those non sports assignments. For serious though, one of my favorite parts about shooting for a newspaper is that I get to experience events that I would otherwise never even know about. For instance, had I not been on assignment I can pretty much guarantee that I would have never spent my Sunday afternoon at the Ms. Senior D.C. Pageant at the U.D.C. campus. However, that’s exactly what I was doing a couple of weeks ago back in June and it was actually a lot of fun to get to hang out with these really sweet ladies who kept cracking me up all day long.

(Note to all past, current, and future editors: I LOVE shooting all assignments. Especially assignments from YOU. My contact info can be found in the “About me” section.)


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