2012 – End of the Year

Some might say that considering its past Valentine’s Day we should probably stop looking back at last year, well, I’m throwing caution to the wind and saying that it’s never too late to be nostalgic for something that just happened. Plus, my computer crashed around the holidays so I’ve spent the better part of this new year without a computer of my own so I’m just starting to get caught up. So, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.
2012 was a pretty great year. I finished college at Ohio University, did an internship in D.C., locked down one of those real people jobs (more on that later), and I’d like to think grew at least a little as both a person and a photographer. I spent a lot of the year trying to find my own vision and find subjects and events that I’m truly passionate about. While I’m nowhere near finished searching for that yet, I at least made some strides in getting there this year.
Over the course of the year I’ve photographed just about everything I can think of, from my first PGA Tour event (so far my favorite assignment to date), to high school sports, to a zombie race at Comic-Con, to the presidential campaign, to OU’s journey to the sweet sixteen and just about everything in between.  I’m usually a pretty poor editor of my own work so this is just brief selection and might not even be the best representation of my work throughout the year, but, if 2012 has taught me anything, yolo.  (click on the images to view them in a slideshow at a decent size)











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